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tv   Fox News Night With Shannon Bream  FOX News  April 19, 2018 8:00pm-9:00pm PDT

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they can't stand the trump picks great nominees. mike pompeo should be confirmed and democrats who -- that's all the time we have. shannon bream and the fantastic "fox news @ night" team to get from here. >> shannon: thank you. i am shannon bream in washington we begin with a fox news alert. former fbi director james comey making multiple media appearances today at the very same time the department of justice he used torque for sending the media 15 pages of redacted memos he wrote about his meetings with president trump justice department inspector general except a criminal referral about fired fbi deputy director andrew mccabe to federal prosecutors. we have team coverage. chad pergram digging deep into the cold comey memos. all the intrigue tonight. add to, late-breaking, memos.
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anything jumped out to you that may help the president? >> you have seven comey memos, 15 pages released at the urging of house republicans. there are some details here that seem to help the president in the sense that these are summaries, the memos, of james comey's either meetings in 2017 or phone calls with the president of the united states. there is one that does jump out from march of 2017. james comey says that the president kept telling him not to shut down the russia collusion investigation but to try and go public with the idea that the president was not personally being investigated. in fact, at one point, comey, by his own account, you can see says that the president said to me little, if there's any satellite, any advisor, any ancillary person connected to the campaign who was involved with the russian collusion, that should be investigated. go for it.
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but i just want you to tell the public that i am not being personally investigated. this is and then we have heard before but the part where the president is saying lift the cloud over me but if somebody did something wrong, go for it. it shows that at least by james comey's telling, the president was not trying to obstruct justice. by the way, nowhere in these memos is there any new information suggesting that there was collusion with the russians. >> shannon: all right, ed, there's another comey memo seems ironic given what happened to andrew mccabe today. >> this is another one where you look at the quote. in january 2017, they had a meeting. remember, they have this dinner in the green room. we have heard about this before. comey leaked some of the memos which republican charles grassley says has classified information. we know there is some classified information because the versions we have are redacted, blacked out because there is sensitive information here.
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james comey not just put the memos together with classified information but leaked some of them out. here's the key part. in trying to explain the context is comey trying to extend what he thinks he should stay on as fbi director, he and the president discussed over dinner. comey says "i added that i was reliable in one way but not in a way that political people sometimes use the term. i explained he could count on me to always tell him the truth. i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weasel moves." that jim comey memo saying i don't leak and the fbi doesn't leak comes on the same day that the justice department inspector general, shannon, has had a criminal referral go to the u.s. attorney here in washington for andrew mccabe, comey's number two at the fbi for leaking information to the press against the rules of the fbi and then lying to investigators about it. yet, james comey is saying in the memo we didn't leak.
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we are not leakers. yet this very same day we are learning that mccabe is in criminal jeopardy. mccabe's camp telling us they think there will never be criminal charges brought and he will be vindicated but he is in jeopardy tonight. >> shannon: what about rod rosenstein? what do you think about details he may have told the president in the oval office last thursday with respect, we think to the medical, and investigation. >> last thursday we knew there was a meeting between the deputy attorney general and the president and the oval office. we didn't have all the details. tonight it is breaking through that yes, they talked about the mueller probe which rosenstein oversees, as well as michael cohen. those raids of the office and home. what we are learning is rod rosenstein, when asked by the president, said you are not the target, mr. president, the michael cohen wind investigation. that follows what we heard last month when we learned that rosenstein had suggested to the president that he is not the target of the mueller probe and that in fact mueller's own team and told the president's lawyers
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that. why is it significant? it suggests he's not the criminal target, the president, of any of these investigations. instead, he is a subject, meaning that his conduct is being investigated. he is not out of the woods by any stretch of the imagination but that they don't have evidence to charge the president with crimes. that could change. they could find more evidence. these investigations are ongoing, but the bottom line tonight is the president's team is being told he's not a criminal target at a time when james comey and andrew mccabe and some of the investigators find themselves under fire, shannon. >> shannon: very interesting. thank you very much. a few more samples from the memos to tell you about. comey wrote he told the president as at a white house dinner "i said i don't do sneaky things. i don't leak. i don't do weasel moves." discussing the salacious, unverified, dirty dossier, comey says "is it complete
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fabrication." it bothered him if his wife out there was a 1% chance it was true. in march he reminded him we weren't investigating him. he said it would be great if that could get out. fox news senior capital producer chad pergram dresses. what are they saying on capitol hill? they push to get these memos. now they have them. >> starting with the republicans, they would say that with james comey, in his mind, the real culprit with a real person who was the victim here is james comey. the fact that he got fired and is basically saying he wanted to work for president he didn't agree with. it's notable, they say, this comes from devin nunes, trey gowdy, chair of the oversight many, and goodlatte, this tribe part statement where they say that comey was blind to the biases of the fbi, defended andrew mccabe. the other side of the story here is the democrats. elijah cummings, democrat from maryland. top democrat on the oversight committee, says there were
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contemporaneous notes meaning there is some veracity to what comey was saying. house minority leader nancy pelosi immediately said that the comey, basically the president is exuding contempt for the rule of law. that is the point she has been making. i think it's interesting that the republicans tried to chide comey, talking about the level of detail to get into, the height of the tables in the way the dining room was arranged. that's kind of a way to say come on. why don't you get to real facts? not the atmospherics. >> shannon: it sounds like both sides are finding things in these memos they want to use to their advantage. >> absolutely. if you are the republicans, you might say why did this get out? you have a situation here where comey is being praised by the president, saying he had an impossible job to do, dealing with the hillary clinton email situation before the election, asking him to stay on.
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the flip side, if you are republicans, you might say there's no cooperation here with the russians, no evidence there was any, trying to collude with the russians. at the end of the day, you have both sides saying there is something in here that kind of exonerates us. >> shannon: anything else that jumped out to you? 15 pages, some of it redacted. >> going to the first part of it dealing with these allegations of russian prostitutes, the president allegedly may have been involved with. this is something that came from the steele dossier. we had been hearing about this for a long time on capitol hill, shannon, that there were allegations about this and that comey wasn't saying it was true. he makes that clear at one point in the memo but saying this is something that's out there, and we want to talk about it. the president said no, there was never any issue with prostitutes in russia in 2013. he indicated to comey according to comey that he presumed every room he slept in, any hotel room was wired. the other thing here is that he prays to comey.
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he said you really did in exceptional job. i think you have conducted yourself beyond reproach, and that of course we know what happened with james comey in may of last year. >> shannon: started out differently, at least according to these memos. there was some positive relationship at some point. that later fell apart. chad pergram, thank you for staying up late with us. what does it all mean if anything for the special counsel probe? as you may recall, the judiciary committee is moving forward with the bill to protect robert mueller, any future special counsel. i spoke a short time ago with a key member of the committee, started by asking senator lindsey graham about the committee moving forward with this legislation despite the fact that he's been told it's going to go nowhere. >> here is my goal. i have no belief that president trump is going to fire mueller or rosenstein. i think that would be a disaster. quite frankly, i think president trump is going to come out of this okay if he just watches what he says. this protects special councils. all it says, if you get fired,
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you can petition a court within ten days to see if you are fired for cause. there is a regulation that says you can only fire special counsel for cause. this gives a check and balance for the future. >> shannon: if the committee moves forward and senator grassley says we will consider it but it doesn't dictate what the committee does, is that worry about putting it to a floor vote that it would fail. not enough republicans would vote for it and it would be a bad reflection on the g.o.p. >> all i can say is i think special councils are not political appointees but they are not civil servants. what am i trying to do? make sure that if a special counsel inspired by a political appointee that judges can look at the firing to see if it was for cause. if the roles were reversed and this was hillary clinton saying these things, we would be all for this. i am trying to make sure that special councils in the future have an ability to protect themselves by going to court and making sure judges agree with the firing. >> shannon: another big vote
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in the senate. senate foreign relations voting on the nomination of now cia director, hoping to be secretary of state mike pompeo. there's been at least one very vocal republican critic who says he's not going to vote for him, and he doesn't think he is the right fit for the president and what he thinks is the president's foreign policy. >> let me tell you. rand paul ran for president and got beat like a drum. i ran for president and got beat like a drum. i think we owe it to president trump to give him the ability every other president has to pick a qualified person to be secretary of state. rand paul is a libertarian. there is no way trump is going to take a libertarian. i hated when liberal democrats basically neutralize the election. they don't recognize trump winning, but they expect us to vote for obama's people. so rand paul is a member of the republican party. he's undercutting the republican president who has picked a highly qualified republican, number one in his class at west point, member of congress for i think eight or ten years,
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is now the cia director. if that's not enough, president trump picked pompeo to meet with the north korean leader because he has that much confidence in him. i would say to rand paul, honor the results of the election. you lost. i lost, there's no way in hell you can say mike pompeo is not qualified. i am pleased democrats voted for almost all of obama's nominees. elections matter. i said that when obama won. he deserves his own candidate but it bothers me greatly that a republican would join with democrats to undercut this election by president trump. pompeo needs to be on the job tomorrow. there's a lot going on in the world commander can't believe the senate would deny president trump a secretary of state was highly qualified when the world is really on fire. >> shannon: let's talk about north korea. he took part in this very high-level meeting, we think it's the highest level between the countries since at least
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2000. this is where "the wall street journal" is saying. "south korean moon jae-in said thursday that north korea had dropped its longtime insistence of both the u.s. remove its 28,500 troops from the korean peninsula i have a planned summit, saying that it only thought of security guarantee end and end to the u.s. hostile policy." north korea has nonpublicly confirmed it but does that sound like they are legitimately softening? >> the only reason they are the table as they are afraid of donald trump. donald trump has done a heck of a job convincing north korea that he is serious when he says i will never let you hit the homeland with a nuclear weapon. every president before him was played by north korea. the only reason they are at the table is because of the "fire and fury" rhetoric. they believe that trump, if he had to come as a last resort would use military force to protect america. now that we are at the table, pompeo is a perfect guy, cia director, understands the world. we are here in a moment of tremendous historical opportunity.
8:14 pm
trump set i will walk away if i have to. i won't go if i don't think it's going to be worth my time. here's what i think. i think president trump has a chance not only to get north korea to give up their nuclear weapons but end the korean war. it's never come to an end. what about a peace treaty between north korea, south korea, japan. excuse me, china. the united states. to normalize relationships, we ask that you give up your nuclear weapons. south korea doesn't have nukes. japan doesn't have nukes. you don't need nukes. i give president trump and his team tremendous credit. we are on the verge of something potentially very historic. >> shannon: i want to ask quickly. as an attorney yourself, what you make of this inspector general referral of andrew mccabe, former never to go at the fbi, criminal referral to the u.s. attorney. his attorney is certain it's not going anywhere, and it certainly doesn't mean there will be anything formal beyond this point but what do you make that? >> mr. horwitz have a has a reputation of being fair-minded. basically a democrat but i think
8:15 pm
he's doing a good job. attorneys can say with a light. it would bother me greatly if i was mr. mccabe's lawyer to have the inspector general say i believe a crime was committed here. mr. mccabe is innocent until proven otherwise but i think this is just another example how corrupt the department of justice was. one thing about comey. rudy was a good choice by president trump to be on his legal team. but i have been a prosecutor and defense attorney long before i got into politics. if jim comey were my witness, i don't think i would have a snowball's chance in hell of convincing anyone he is reliable. >> shannon: a lot to say on all sides of a number of issues, senator, thanks for coming in. good to see it. could it turn out to be a real battle? primary challenger, actress and progressive cynthia nixon cutting into new york governor cuomo's lead. >> we are a blue state, a proudly democratic state, we have a governor in there who governs like a republican.
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>> shannon: fight for the democratic vote in the new york governor 's race is on. to some observers, they say governor andrew cuomo is heading
8:20 pm
dangerously far to the left as he faces and challenge from actress cynthia nixon. nixon does not think he's nearly progressive enough. kristin fisher on the story. good evening. >> this is supposed to be an easy won for governor cuomo until a celebrity challenger entered the race exactly one month ago today. initially, he dismissed cynthia nixon's candidacy as "political silly season." analysts that he would be wise to remember the lessons of the 2016 presidential race. never underestimate the power of celebrity and never overestimate the importance of political experience. there are signs governor cuomo may be starting to get nervous. >> in an op-ed out today in the "new york daily news," governor andrew cuomo quoted telling leaders of the progressive working family party that if unions are anyone give money to these groups, they can lose my number. those groups are groups that have endorsed "sex and the city" stars in the unix and in her to defeat cuomo in the state democratic primary. on twitter, she has given her
8:21 pm
opponent a nickname, andrew the bully. on tv, she's out to prove that her candidacy isn't as silly as the governor claims. >> is it a serious run? are you doing this? >> i am 100% running to be governor of new york. >> she is running on a progressive platform and it's pushing governor cuomo even further to the left. he was already facing criticism for not doing enough to block a parole board decision to free convicted cop killer herman bell. yesterday he granted new new york parole -- parolees the right to vote. >> i am going to make it law by executive order. >> last month he participated in a di- into protest gun violence and last week the native new yorker claims he was undocumented and challenged officials to deport him. >> i am an italian american. you know what they call an italian american's back day? they called them wops.
8:22 pm
without papers. >> governor cuomo still has a huge lead. 31 points according to the latest poll but he's also lost 16 points to next nixon in lesn a month. added up and you can see why cuomo may no longer think nixon's campaign is so silly and why he may be moving further and further to the left on all those issues. >> shannon: he is. we are going to highlight more. kristin, thank you very much. i democrats pulling too far to the left and their primary battles? will it work in the general election? what about democrat beto o'rourke in texas putting up tough polling against ted cruz? we are going to talk about all of those things with fox news politics editor chris stirewalt. superpower sounds. >> i need that everywhere i go. >> shannon: governor cuomo, you heard some things he said.
8:23 pm
he is also saying in addition. >> i am undocumented. you want to deport an undocumented person? start with me because i am a known document in. >> shannon: legitimately confused about that. if he has a birth certificate, he was born here, his parents were here. not sure where he's going. >> taking him in a meta-way. he is saying that as new yorkers, solidarity together. if one of us is undocumented, all of us are undocumented. we should start with the understanding that andrew cuomo is coming by my estimation, perhaps the most overrated politician in american politics and government. the hype that had surrounded him because the lord for his father, she inherited the press and democrats of a certain kind huge reverence for his dad. not a good campaigner. not been a particularly successful governor.
8:24 pm
i don't think cynthia nixon is going to beat him. >> shannon: do think he's feeling a little bit of heat. she is saying he acts like a republican, not a true new yorker. >> obviously knows what her problem is. her problem is, the key to winning democratic primaries in new york is you need black voters. unity hispanic voters. you need them in large numbers because that's the dominant base of the party. i don't know whether you noticed this, she is kind of white. she's going to be popular with team bernie, very liberal white people. just as bernie bernie sanders struggled, it's an issue for he her. cuomo sucking up to african-american interest groups, it's him trying to head her off at the pass and capitalize on her weak spots.
8:25 pm
>> shannon: let's take it to a different race in texas. a quinnipiac poll showing the democratic challenger beto o'rourke to occurrence insured ted cruz. 47, 44. it's been the margin of error. does it surprise you? do you think it breaks away at some point because o'rourke is up 14 points with independence. do they matter? >> ted cruz has a challenge and that's suburbanites outside houston and outside dallas and outside -- texas, four of the ten largest cities in the united states or in texas. they have a lot of suburbs with a lot of wealthy, college educated people. texas is not as red as you think it is. texas is about as red as minnesota's blue. it's consistent but not by 20 points. it's a narrower margin generally speaking than we think of, just
8:26 pm
because we associated it as being the capital of republican america. those voters like cruz less than and they definitely don't like president trump. that creates a tough spot, and if intensity is as high -- of democratic intensity continues to be as high about this issue and deportation then walls and if all of that is going on in texas, that puts cruz in a tough spot. he's not raising enough money. beto o'rourke is hauling in cash. he is almost doubling up speed 27 and cruz needs the money. he's got to define o'rourke. people don't know enough to form an opinion. speed 27 has to get on tv and attack him and say he's a liberal, horrible human being. >> shannon: i have heard from my tweeters.
8:27 pm
they are texans and they believe cruz is going to cruise to victory. we will have to see. that is the quinnipiac poll. take it for what it's worth. >> the internets has a lot of things. >> shannon: it does. some of them are true. chris, thank you. trace gallagher up next. abortion activist facing deportation gets a big break. supporters accuse the administer agent trying to silence her by enforcing the law? that stories up next. some churches say they have a new policy. they refuse to call the police for any reason, even in violent situations, saying that the police are the problem. the panel debates. more? they've been saving folks money for over 75 years. a company you can trust. geico even helped us with homeowners insurance. more sounds great. gotta love more... right, honey? yeah! geico.
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8:32 pm
friends of the officers lost in the line of duty. an activist who advocates for abortions for all, including illegals, is getting a reprieve tonight from an immigration court as she fights deportation. much more to the story. trace gallagher is here with details. >> alejandra pablo's is an activist who has organized a number of protests. she also had an abortion, saying president trump's policy were devastated the family she would create. she was released on bond today. her supporters say the reason she was jailed for more than a month is because i.c.e. was targeting her work as an activist and trying to silence her. i. i.c.e. officials say they do not target immigrants rights advocates. it's important to note that while alejandra pablo and her supporters are pointing fingers at i.c.e., they are forgetting pablo was a legal permanent resident until she got arrested for driving under the influence in 2009 and then got a felony
8:33 pm
dui in 2012. those are crimes involving moral turpitude, meaning she can be deported. instead, she was set free on bond and told to stay out of trouble. then three months ago, she was arrested during a protest in virginia. again she was set free. a month later, the supreme court ruled that people being held for possible deportation are not entitled to get bond. last month, one pablo showed up for a meeting with immigration authorities to modify her bond, she was jailed for violating the terms of her release. now she has been released again, and wants to petition the governor of arizona. watch. >> got to ask governer ducey to do the right thing. stay here without fear. i am tired of feeling scared. i am tired of being persecuted for defending my life and defending everybody else. >> pablo has also filed for asylum, saying that her work as an activist would put her in
8:34 pm
danger in mexico. in california, the first congressional tours of -- church of oakland has joined other churches pledging to stop calling please pray. not for the homeless who often refused to leave the church, not for the graffiti on the wall, not even for acts of violence. because of the way police treat people, especially people call in, they are better off without them. instead, the church will teach the members out to handle violent situations without arming them. other churches that were asked to join the antipolice pledge declined, saying they appreciate their relationships with police. shannon. >> shannon: thank you very much. let's discuss the hot topics with the panel. fox news contributor jehmu gree green. fox news radio host todd starnes. welcome. jehmu, i want to start with you. there was a woman in this article, churches no longer
8:35 pm
participating with the police saying it was a religious obligation not to get involved with the police to divest from policing. what do you make of it? >> i think it's a sad state of affairs, shannon. hopefully we can all agree if some of our most important community leaders have gone to this perspective when it comes to how policing is affecting black and brown bodies, there is no circumstance where there should be a fractured relationship between our clergy and police. i am hoping that we will see police department seed this drastic action and try to make some changes, try to address the issues being brought up. i am here in austin, a block away from central presbyterian where i grew up in the presbyterian church. they were the first ones to welcome in aids patients for fellowship when others weren't doing it. i see this is a very similar moment. this is not something that should be permanent.
8:36 pm
i hope it is a catalyst and not the type of attacks on law enforcement we have seen from president trump, relentless personal attacks. but real conversations about how to improve policing in this country. >> shannon: let me see what one of the individuals quoted in the article but the church. executive director of the police executive research forum. he said it's disappointing to hear when a community or religious organization decides they are not going to engage with the police anymore. police needed the church. they need an active clergy. they rely on them. lawrence, what is your take? to go whatever happened to "follow the law of the land?" the church has a duty not just from biblical standpoint but a legal standpoint to report crimes. or if they have evidence of a crime being committed. but i do think that the church, i would be wrong if i didn't say that oakland has had problems with their community and the relationship with the police. that's a perfect time to invoke god, invoke religion, get both
8:37 pm
parties to come together just by having faith as a means to do it. i think the church is really missing an opportunity to give both sides involved. >> shannon: some of the church's approach said it's not going to work for us. we have a better relationship that we want to work on with the police. some say no thanks on this idea. >> look, hearing the report from trace tells me there's a whole lot of stupid across america right now. we don't have a police problem here. we have a crime problem, immorality problem. black, brown, white, you name it. that's the problem. the church needs to be addressing those issues, maybe teaching the ten commandments in sunday school instead of attacking the police. >> shannon: okay, i want to make sure i get all of you to weigh in. the immigrant who is here. she did have legal permanent residency at one point but a number of criminal charges and convictions. she is set for deportation. that started in 2013.
8:38 pm
she has been released again after being taken. her case is allegedly going to be heard in december. todd, we will start with you. what do you make the delay? she says the trump administration is using this to against her because she spoke out against them and now they're going to try to kick her out of the country. >> i hope they do. shame on that judge. this is a very dangerous person. she is an illegal alien invader. she was arrested twice for dui. and the only thing worse than a legal alien is an illegal alien who supports planned parenthood. the question is, are they targeting illegal alien activists? i hope the answer is yes on the help they send them right back to wherever they came from. >> shannon: to lawrence and jehmu. lawrence, planned parenthood is supporting her because of her activism. they say her arrest as part of a broader pattern of the trump-pence administration >> i don't like this that i
8:39 pm
think it sends a bad message. i hope jehmu will condemn it because she talked about the trump administration going after law enforcement. they are doing their job. she could have killed people with two dwis. i'm sorry. duis. they are not concerned about this question markets a criminal. a person here illegally. she should be deported. >> shannon: jehmu she did have legal residence at one point but because of these criminal matters, that's in question now. >> yes, and i hope that she was held accountable for those crimes. the reality is that i.c.e. has been pushing the boundaries of decency. they been camping out at cortez since two arrest people who are testifying. they've been going into hospitals, resting parents there with their children. they've arrested domestic abuse victims. we are seeing a pattern where immigrant activists who have spoken out against these boundaries being pushed, they are now the target of i.c.e.
8:40 pm
this is not how law enforcement should be operating. >> criminal. >> shannon: we have to leave it there. ics said there only priorities going after criminals. they aren't going after dreamers or daca kids. will watch this case and keep everybody updated. we hope you will come back soon. >> thanks, shannon. >> shannon: pompeo's meeting with the north korean dictator. gillian turner investigates when we return. ♪ no matter when you retire, your income doesn't have to. see how lincoln can help ensure you still have income
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>> shannon: this is a fox news alert. the president tweeting his first reaction to the 15 pages of comey memos. committees requested them. here it is. "james conway memos just out and show clearly there was no collusion and no obstruction. also he leaked classified information. wow! will the witch hunt continue?" statement. learning more about cia director mike pompeo's discussions with north korean leader kim jong un. pompeo's nomination to become the secretary of state, that nomination is pending in the senate and critics are claiming the meeting was a means to hype his nomination. is that a fair assessment customer and gillian turner takes a look. >> just left north korea, had a great meeting with kim jong un.
8:45 pm
got along with him really well. >> president trump making it clear he thinks mike pompeo is exactly the right man for the job when it comes to laying the groundwork for negotiations with north korea. plenty of critics on capitol hill are voicing concern about choice. >> the administration continues to marginalize the state department. no reason why the cia should be prenegotiating meeting between the north korean leader and u.s. president. it should be the state department. >> other lawmakers point out the usual rules of diplomacy don't apply in this case. because the u.s. doesn't actually have formal diplomatic relations with kim jong un's regime. >> we have always known that our contacts with north korea have been through the intelligence community. i forget made a lot of sense for him to be the person you meet with him. i can understand whether question might be raised but our back channel to them has always been through the cia. >> even if president trump wanted to conform to tradition and sent his chief diplomat, experts point out the reality. there is no permanent secretary
8:46 pm
of state in place. speaking within the range of people who are currently in government, in positions of authority, who have and can reflect accurately america's policies, president trump's policies and the north koreans will pay attention to, mr. pompeo would seem to be one of a very, very small group of people qualified to check those boxes. >> previous presidents have sent their intel and national security chiefs to hammer out sensitive diplomatic matters in the past. including 2014, president obama sent his director of national intelligence jim clapper to negotiate with north korea. in 1998, president clinton sent cia director george tenet to attend meetings and negotiation negotiations. in 1971, president nixon sent his national security advisor henry kissinger on a secret trip to negotiate with china. experts point out the president chose pompeo to lead this effort because he believes the north
8:47 pm
will listen to him. he is straddling intelligence and diplomatic posts. it's widely known that pompeo is one of trump's most trusted advisors and that he is fully authorized to speak on behalf of the commander in chief. shannon. >> shannon: gillian, thanks very much. time for where in the world. officials in puerto rico say it could still be another 36 hours before power is restored to nearly 1.4 million customers. excavator who accidentally downed a transmission line is being blamed for the islandwide blackout. violent protests in france over changes president emmanuel macron wants to make to the labor laws. rail workers resuming their strike, threatening months of new transportation disruptions. over the plans to overhaul the nation's state run rail company. chilean students taking to the streets of santiago to demand government funded education. the first major protests against
8:48 pm
the conservative president's-month-old and administration. scuffles in nigeria. a thief grabbed the ceremonial mace which is a symbol of authority of the legislature and took off. it usually sits on a table. decisions can be made without i it. their identity is unknown but the maze was found under a highway overpass. despite president trump's alleged affairs and sometimes faulty language, his popularity among evangelical voters is sky-high. we will dig into it. we will ask jenna browder. she joins us live next. k every six months i'm accident free. and i don't share it with mom! right, mom? righttt. safe driving bonus checks. only from allstate. switching to allstate is worth it. you might be missing something.y healthy.
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>> shannon: headlines on president trump's support from religious leaders. is it fake news? jenna browder has the inside scoop. she joins us to talk about interesting developments. >> thank you for having me. >> shannon: let's talk about the pew poll. you know these numbers been pretty consistent. pre-election all the way through. white evangelical, 78% say they continue to support president trump regardless of of salacious headlines or things about the past. they kind of factored these
8:53 pm
things when they made their decision. they are not surprised. >> the allegations coming out, you are right they are not as surprised. the kind of know what they were getting going into it but christians we talk to, evangelicals, they will tell you that they are not voting for president trump because of his tweets were because of the things he has allegedly done in the past. they are voting for him, shannon, because of policy, things he continues to deliver on, issues like the supreme court and the federal judges, israel, all these issues, abortion, they are so important evangelicals. >> shannon: there more about policies than the man. i want to ask about this meeting at wheaton college. sincere, christian institution. they gathered and said they are going to talk about all kinds of different things where evangelicals could be doing a better job on immigration, race relations. apparently somewhere along the way there was a lot of discussion about president trump and i want to read something one of the organizers had. he said when you google
8:54 pm
evangelicals, you get trump. when people say what is a need to be an evangelical, people don't say vandalism of the gospel, there is a grotesque character of what it means to be an evangelical. apparently there was some discussion that led to some controversy within this religious meeting. >> this group of more moderate evangelicals who were having this meeting at wheaton commanded to a supposed to be about evangelism and faith and something that was kind of unifying. from forces who talked to the news, it was that but it also became kind of an anti-trump bashing party. some people ended up walking out. this is a two day event. they stay for the first day after the second day, before the second day even started, they said no thanks. not for us. >> shannon: seems like many of them want to get away from the political connection to evangelism because they are saying you use the term evangelical people have a misperception about what it means. they are saying we don't want to be aligned with somebody on either side of the aisle. we don't wanted to be a
8:55 pm
political connotation. >> a big time pastor from new york put it well. today we kind of have blue evangelicals and red evangelicals. it's so true. i will say that most of the evangelicals, they do fall in the right category. they are the trump supporters. 70% supporting him. 81% voted for him in the election in 2016. so what we are seeing some other reports, you know, that this kind of 50-50 definitely not the case. this group of evangelicals who were at wheaton, they were certainly in the minority. >> shannon: we understand they are looking toward a big meeting with him in june, number of religious leaders, pastors, have similar meeting with them during the campaign. we will keep an eye on it. jenna, things are coming in. tonight that's it for us from washington. most-watched, most trusted, and most grateful you chose to spend
8:56 pm
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we've helped over 195,000 people. we want to help you too. find out how much you can save in just two minutes at ♪ >> mark: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," i'm mark steyn in for tucker. g there are conflicting reports tonight on whether president trump is a target in the various investigations roiling washington from the mueller probe to the michael cohen raids. in the meantime, the justice department inspector general giving his findings to federal prosecutors for possible criminal charges for andrew mccabe. ed henry is at the white house with all the developments. >> gratis io. this could be a big deal because what we


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